Sega subtly pulls all mention of Yakuza 5 November release date.

Reversing time itself Sega has gone and changed its latest blog post removing all mention of a November release for Yakuza 5. This is also the case on the official Sega Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Sega Nerds reached out to PR rep John Hardin to find out why the sudden change.

…the release date was removed because SEGA was worried people would take the language too specifically and that it would be able to release Yakuza 5 in that time frame if everything goes to plan.

He reiterated that SEGA still hopes to release the game in mid-November but is non-committal on the date.

Personally I think they just remembered that a release date had yet to be announced at all and accidentally let it slip.

So will Yakuza 5 be out this November? According to the avatars on the EU PSN the release date is November 5th (even though the EU still can’t preorder the game!), if Sega can hit that target or sudden bugs may delay it even further remains to be seen.