Sega TGS 2013 Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin (Yakuza Ishin) Conference – Day 2 (Stream)

Some very interesting bits of info revealed this stream:

  • Konno Anna is revealed as a courtesan in Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin
  • About the vita crossplay – apparently it lets you play minigames, the “battle dungeon” mode and “another life” on the go. Not main story
  • 4 Fighting styles in the game – One Sword, One Gun, Gun + Sword combo, and unarmed combat
  • Haruka is only in Another Life mode. Apparently has no role in the main story
  • In “Another Life”, Haruka lost her parents in an accident and is left to pay for a large debt. Ryoma intends to pay off the debt to save her

Thanks as usual to @KHHSubs

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