For those already experiencing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth you’ll likely know about SegWaves the in game podcast that releases at the start of each chapter. You can find it by going into your phone from the menu and assigning it through the music app. Hosted by Mike Hula & DJ Pipi Stew (played by Brent Mukai) the hosts give small updates about what’s happening in the game and locations around Hawaii.

Once you reach the 2nd half of each episode they go off on massive tangents about what they’ve seen around the island which always lead to some very obscure SEGA easter eggs including; Shenmue, Samba De Amigo, and even Nights in to Dreams. There’s tons more in there and it’s just great to sit back and listen to SEGA recognize their history as you play Infinite Wealth.

Thanks to Kori-Maru for putting together the above compilation.