Earlier this year Shonan no Kaze held a live concert online featuring a bunch of their songs from Yakuza games all done entirely in the Dragon Engine and hosted by Ichiban!

If you missed the event you can now preorder a DVD or Blu-ray of the show that will be shipped out April 7 2021!  Preorders are currently live on Amazon Japan. Multiple versions are available between blue-ray, DVD, and deluxe versions containing a 2 disc CD set of the show.

Regular Edition Cover Special Edition Cover

The limited edition versions will run you ¥ 5,727 (+tax) for the Blu-ray and ¥ 4,818 (+tax) for the DVD and will contain the following:

  • Full show (115 minutes)
  • Audio commentary
  • Making of video
  • 2 Audio CD’s (21 Songs)
  • An original Shonan no Kaze sticker
  • Holographic DVD case

While the regular editions will only come with the show and will retail for about ¥ 4,091 for the Blu-ray and ¥ 3,182 (+tax) for the DVD.

There’s also additional preorder bonuses you can get if you’d like to order from Japan specific retailers. Amazon will get you a poster, TATSUYA will get you a Clear File, and Seven.net will get you a mask strap. At the time of posting only Amazon’s preorders are live!

For those curious about the set list you can find it below:

  1. Wild Speed
  3. Joker
  5. OH YEAH
  6. Real Riders
  7. Aika
  8. Gulf highway
  10. Cheering song feat. MOOMIN
  11. Pure love song
  12. Water lily flower
  13. Red
  14. Garakuta
  15. Puzzle
  16. Born to be WILD
  17. Golden soul
  18. Koi Shigure
  19. Yuzuki Hana
  20. Bubble (The theme song for Yakuza 0)
  21. Ichiban Uta (The theme song for yakuza: Like a Dragon)