The 3DCG live with Shonan no Kaze kicked off Sunday evening as a ticketed live event. Due to COVID this years tour needed to be cancelled but thanks to the help of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and the Dragon Engine those stuck at home were able to watch along live! Those fortunate enough to purchase a ticket were able to tune in for the “live” performance the musicians took the CG stage in their Dragon Engine generated avatar forms.

The set started with an introduction from Yakuza: Like a Dragon protagonist Ichiban Kasuga in the bar Survivor regretting that the show was cancelled. He reminisced about his ambitions as a young man and the scene slowly transformed to a large stage by the ocean and Shonan No Kazue began to play!

After a few songs (set list below) the stage transitioned to Kamurocho and once again Ichiban came on to the scene to talk about how it wasn’t right that summer ended without doing anything. Then Shonan No Kaze tour bus pulled up right under the arches and began playing. They then began playing Kurenai from Yakuza 0 and even Born to be WILD from Kurohyou 2 played while images and art from the game appeared behind them on the large screen.

After a few more songs they did Bubble from Yakuza 0 and as they played 10,000 yen bills exploded from the stage all over the audience while scenes from the game played out on the screen behind them.

They wrapped up the show by playing Ichiban Uta from Yakuza: Like a Dragon as the stage lit up and Kamurocho was bathed in even more lights and lasers than usual and Ichiban returned to thank the audience.

After the show it cut to the live action band members where they discussed what it was like to put n such a show. Most of them talked about how doing the motion capture strained their necks. They promised to return to live shows as soon as they could and again thanked the viewers.

Set List from the Event:

  1. Wild Speed
  3. Joker
  5. OH YEAH
  6. Real Riders
  7. Aika
  8. Gulf Highway
  10. Cheering Song
  11. Junrenka
  12. Suirenka
  13. Red
  14. Garakuta
  15. Puzzle
  16. Born to be WILD
  17. Golden Soul
  18. Koi Shigure
  19. Suirenka
  20. Bubble
  21. Ichiban Uta

Thanks to for covering the event and providing the pictures!