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Yakuza Fan is an independently owned, run, and maintained site built purely for the love of the Yakuza series and spreading the word throughout the west. We offer opinions, news, reviews, import help, and podcasts to help promote the Yakuza games and connect with a community of gamers that feel like their favorite series gets overlooked by most major outlets.

Running a website costs money. Most people use an adblocker nowadays so it’s nearly impossible to support one with advertisements and Sega blocks monetization of their content on Youtube. We have to split our time between the site and other work to keep everything afloat. The bottom line is the more we can raise the better the site will be. We can build the biggest, best site around dedicated to the Yakuza community.

Calls to Sky Finance go unanswered..

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  • Supporting the staff and our families (this will always be the #1 priority)
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  • Community driven content (shape Yakuza Fan)
  • In depth analysis videos of the Yakuza series
  • Comprehensive Yakuza encyclopedia of all characters and events
  • Interviews with SEGA & RGG Staff
  • R&D of IF8R Machine

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Looking to import Yakuza games? We’ve been fans of Play-Asia since before we even started the site! Play-Asia has always been our go to place for importing video games directly from Japan. With reasonable prices, and responsive staff it’s always our go to for imports.

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