RGG Studio To Announce New Titles Saturday, August 26, 2017 at UDX Akihabara!

During today's SEGA Nama stream Nagoshi announced that...

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The Tattoos of Yakuza by Johan Öberg

Take a closer look at the meaning of each tattoo from the Yakuza games with this awesome video by Johan Öberg. Directly from the Ryu Ga Gotoku 10th anniversary book he gives you the rundown on the the significance of the tattoo to each character along with some insight into the creative process of Horitomo the man that’s been working with the team since the first game.

Awesome job on this one always love seeing more behind the scenes stuff with the Yakuza series!

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First 4 Figures New Sculpt for Kiryu Statue. Gauging Interest With Facebook Poll! No Interest = No Statue so go Vote!

First 4 Figures are currently running a poll in the First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club facebook group to gauge interest in continuing forward with the Kazuma Kiryu statue. This may be the last time we get the chance for a Kiryu statue based on the response this poll receives.

No word on pricing yet but remember First 4 Figures statues are highly detailed and on the larger side so they’re a little more expensive than the usual figure but damn is it worth it for the extra mile they go to to make sure it’s perfect. Below you can see some clearer images of the sculpt render. There’s 2 versions full suit and shirtless and both look amazing but the detail on the dragon tattoo is just perfect!

Remember this is Kiryu from Yakuza 4 specifically so he’s a little less detailed than in 0 and 6 but in my opinion this looks AMAZING and will be grabbing it as soon as preorders go up!

So this is what it comes down to; If you would buy a high quality kazuma Kiryu statue go join the group and vote Yes.

See some higher quality renders of the sculpt after the jump!

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