Team Ryu Ga Gotoku and Sega are running a new contest to promote the girls of Yakuza 5! Before you get your hopes up this is Japan entries only and any entries outside of Japan if you win will be voided but here are the details!

Get more info here.

Support the women of Yakuza 5 and be entered to win cool prizes!

STEP 1 Follow the twitter account @ryu_audition

STEP 2 Visit this site and click the tweet button under the girl you love the most remember to include the hash tag “#ryu_audition_p”

STEP 3 When your tweet is made you are entered to win!

Entry Period: May 21 to June 29 (Mon.) to (Fri.)


  1. Five other major cities japan wide, hotel voucher “National APA Hotel Accommodation Voucher” worth equivalent of 100,000 yen a pair.
  2. Buy 30,000 yen worth of catalog gift certificates to buy national souvenirs.
  3. 10 × 10,000 yen worth of Visa gift cards to us anywhere!

Entry terms:

  • Twitter account is required to enter.
  • For submissions, please read terms & notes thoroughly.
  • 1 entry per person.
  • Winner will be contacted via Direct Message from the @ryu_audition account.
  • Please note: Prizes and terms are subject to change without notice.

Your entry will be voided if:

  • The winner lives outside of Japan.
  • The prize cannot be sent to the winner for reasons unknown. 
  • If you enter multiple times under different names.
  • If we determine any illegal activities.

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