Below the streets of Kamurocho lays a secret playspot. A fight club that caters to a very specific clientele. Where the odds aren’t the only things stacked. You could leave with millions of yen or lose it all and still consider it a pretty good night out.

The Catfight Arena hidden beneath the Koma Stadium is an exclusive fight club. The perfect place for the young and rich to drop loads of cash on the voluptuous girls of Kamurocho. Don’t let their looks deceive you these girls are some of the toughest badasses to ever step foot in the ring!

From teachers to police officers these girls take their professions nearly as seriously as their fighting career. Let me tell you, they plan to win by any means necessary.

These girls know how to throw a punch and look great while doing it!

The Catfight Club offers a whole new experience created just for Yakuza 0. Using a Rock-Paper-Scissors style match up it’s up to you to accurately predict the next move of your opponent and take them out.

Check Your Stats

The number of stars next to each move indicate its attack power.

Your opponent will typically make use of their strongest attacks so keeping an eye on their move power level and the battle background colour is going to get you ahead.

During the match the background behind the move selector will change colour giving you an idea of how powerful the next move is going to be. From weakest to strongest they go white, blue, green, red, and rainbow.

Incorporate this into your strategy when you pick your next move and launch your counteroffensive.

Play the Odds!

Look at the detailed win/loss record for each girl. Check the odds of success and bet big to win big. Be careful though, there’s no limit to just how much money you can spend on a match so be ready to lose it all if things go bad.

Of course you could just save your game before showing up for the fight, but that’s not very sportsman like.

Read your opponent’s strategy and with a little luck you’ll be rolling in cash in no time!