Think you have what it takes to design a mascot character for SEGA? SEGA Raw with Nagoshi, that airs live on NicoNico Douga, want fans to design a mascot character that will be used to promote the show!

They want to see something that incorporates the spirit and love of SEGA!

The winner will recieve any mascot character goods (including art and figures) and Nagoshi-san’s autograph!

Going over the rules there doesn’t seem to be any reason entrants outside of Japan will be refused. So game on to any artists who want to get involved!

Application Period: Open until June 9th 2013.
Picture Format Accepted: Any resolution in JPG, GIF, or PNG format no larger than 10MB.
Contest Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト

How to enter:

  1. Create a NicoNico account
  2. Create your design of a mascot character that represents Sega.
  3. Visit this page
  4. Enter the following from top to bottom:
    1. Upload your image.
    2. Image Title
    3. Image description
    4. Tag: セガなまマスコットキャラコンテスト
    5. Image type: キャラクター (6th selectable from the top)
  5. Click the submit button (black button at the bottom)

The winner will be contacted shortly after the contest ends. If you enter message me on twitter so I can show off your artwork! Good luck!

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