Welcome to the next chapter in our countdown to Yakuza 0!

Today we’re taking a look at the ranking members of the Tojo Clan. The 25,000+ member strong organization that’s slowly taking over Tokyo. From killers to extortionists this Yakuza family will get the job done no matter what.

The Tojo Clan

Takashi Nihara

Acting Second Chairman of the Tojo Clan
First Appearance: Yakuza 0

The current leader of the Tojo Clan Nihara reigns above all of the families. He controls the fates of all 25,000+  members and reigns supreme above all other criminal organizations in Japan.

Even the Dragon Of Dojima will need to respect his power or be swallowed by it.

Family Heads

Futoshi Shimano

Patriarch of the Shimano Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Hulking and brutal even being in the presence of this monster is enough to scare anyone. Shimano is quick to anger and even quicker to violence ensuring if his men don’t trust him then at least they’ll fear him.

He’s the man responsible for Majima’s current imprisonment and torture. Why he didn’t simply kill Majima on the spot is still unknown.

Sohei Dojima

Patriarch of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Dojima is a man that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Laws and morals mean nothing to him and as the leader of the largest family in the Tojo clan he’s unstoppable.

Aiming to be the next chairman he sets his 3 lieutenants loose in order to do whatever it takes to buy up a small piece of land known as “The Empty Lot” and cement his power.

Masaru Sera

President of the Tojo Clan’s Nikkyo Consortium
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Sera may look like a well dressed business man but behind this persona he is the person the Tojo clan turns to when the dirty work needs to be done.

Ruthless yet benevolent he sets his sights on becoming the next chairman of the Tojo clan. As the 3 families battle it out he aims to come out on top.

The Dojima Family

Shintaro Kazama

Captain of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Kazama is the right hand man of Dojima and is the person mostly responsible for the Dojima families rise to power.

Years ago it’s said he was an assassin but since then he’s started his own Yakuza family and even founded the Sunflower Orphanage. A place dedicated to raising children whose parents were killed by the Yakuza. He’s a father to Kiryu and Nishkiyama raising them as his own.

For the last 6 months he’s been in prison he operates from behind the scenes pushing the pieces where they need to be.

Osamu Kashiwagi

Captain of the Kazama Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Kashiwagi handles the day to day operations of the Kazama family. A man of honour and respect he handles all situations with a calm demeanor… unless one of his men don’t follow the rules or proper etiquette.

When things go bad Kiryu and Nishkiyama seek out Kashiwagi’s advice finding an ally in the family that will aid them in their quest to clear Kiryu’s name.

Daisaku Kuze

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 0

A powerful ex boxer Kaze became a Yakuza after his time in the ring was through and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the 3 lieutenants of the Dojima family.

While Kazama is imprisoned the control of the Dojima family has passed to him. Dangerous and prone to violence to solve all his problems Kuze controls his men through fear and overwhelming strength.

Hiroki Awano

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 0

Awano just wants to live an easy life of fun and leisure and to maintain that he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure he’s always in control. Preferring to use blackmail and extortion rather than brute strength.

Awano’s cunning and information gathering abilities means he’s always one step ahead of anyone that threatens the Dojima family.

Keiji Shibusawa

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 0

The businessman of the family Shibusawa has a talent for setting his eyes on the prize and not stopping until he’s obtained it. His ability to manage the operations of the Dojima family and be the front man dealing with the public means he’s always concealing his true motives.

As the 3 lieutenants battle it out it’s never clear what Shibusawa has planned.

Kazuma Kiryu

Member of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Raised by Shintaro Kazama in the Sunflower Orphanage Kiryu decided to follow in his “fathers” footsteps as soon as he was allowed. Now setup as the fall guy for a crime he didn’t commit his options, and friends, are running out.

With the noose tightening could the Dragon of Dojima finally be in a situation he can’t punch his way out of? Kiryu pulls on the threads of the conspiracy seeing just how high it goes in an effort to clear his name.

Akira Nishikiyama

Member of the Dojima Family
First Appearance: Yakuza 1

Raised in the Sunflower Orphanage, alongside Kiryu, Nishkiyama is the one person that has Kiryu’s back at all times. Flashy suit and expensive car Nishki’s always been the type of person to fake it till you make it.

Kiryu’s sworn brother he aims to one day take control of the entire Tojo Clan and finds Kiryu’s own lack of ambition frustrating. Regardless he’ll always do whatever it takes to protect his family.