As Part of Playstation’s Golden Week Sale starting today Yakuza: Dead Souls is dropping in price this week to $8 on the NA PSN store!

If you need your Yakuza fix and never gave this one a shot because it was too much of a departure for you give it a shot! A lot of the humour and charm of the Yakuza series is intact and the whole game was basically an excuse for the devs to poke some fun at themselves and the zombie genre in general. Expect lots of references to Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead and a ton of zombie movies.

Best piece of advice is to just tough it out through Akiyama’s part at the beginning of the game. His is the slowest and most boring (in my opinion). After the end of his chapter the game begins to open up and the plot really picks up!

Yakuza: Dead Souls was easily the weakest title in the series so if you want to show Sega and Sony some more Yakuza support this game is definitely worth $8.

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