The Japanese Yakuza fans have to be very strong now: The best Majima cosplayer the world has seen so far comes from Europe!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Eoin from Ireland and when I saw these pics for the first time, I couldn’t decide whether to stare at my monitor like overly attached girlfriend or just fall off the chair in sheer awe. And I wasn’t even sitting on a chair!!!
I mean, look at the nose! The eye! The shoes! …Okay, maybe not the shoes, but everything else! O.O
I’ve seen good Majima cosplays before, but I always felt while the costumes were great, they still looked like “Majima cosplayers” not simply “Majima”, probably because like many supposedly Japanese video game characters Majima doesn’t have facial features that look very asian at all. (At least not in my opinion.)

Let me know what you think in the notes or my comment section, I’m pretty sure Eoin and Meg (his friend who fortunately convinced him to give it a try and spontaneously took the pictures) are curious as well! 
A very big thank you to both of them for giving me green light to post the pics! 🙂

PS: He’s single! …Too bad he’s too young for me! (Sounds better than “I’m too old for him!” >_>)

Our Facebook fans may recognize this cosplay from a couple weeks back. Here’s a full set. I must say he’s done an amazing job!