Shinada Tatsuo
I don’t care about doing it in style; I’ll win MY way!

The new protagonist Shinada’s style of fighting – “Do absolutely anything it takes to win” – Is different to that of the other characters. If he has a weapon he will naturally put it to use, and he has a wide variety of techniques, that are by no means graceful, used to recklessly wrestle enemies when he fights bare-handed.

Bare-Hand Fighting

Shinada, the former baseball player, has both power and the ability to judge the exact moment to take advantage of opponent’s weakness. If Shinada gets hold of an enemy, he can attack consecutively without ever releasing him. He can unleash a consecutive series of attacks – He can smash an opponent into a wall, then ram into him, then smash him into the ground. After that, he can once again smash the opponent into the wall.

In addition, he can attack with a sliding leg sweep, which is a characteristic move of a baseball player. 

Weapon Fighting

The policy of a baseball player is to handle one’s gear with care. When Shinada has a weapon, its real power is shown. Shinada can use a weapon for a significantly longer time than the other characters and can attack with extraordinarily powerful strikes to bring out the maximum potential of these weapons. Among these weapons, there are some he can continue to use without ever breaking them. 

On top of that, the real power of a weapon is shown by Shinada when he holds a cylindrical weapon in particular. One can clearly see that he is a slugger when he blows his enemies away with powerful swing attacks

Ultimate Technique – “My Way” Meteor Tackle

Shinada strikes opponents with a powerful tackle attack using all his strength. After grappling with enemies, he can use various attacks such as smashing enemies into a wall, smashing them into the ground, and throwing them around with all his strength. He can unleash various techniques with the press of a single button, dependent on the timing.

– Captain Epic