Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin numbers for the first 2 weeks are out. While not the powerhouse of Yakuza 5 they’re still very respectable.

Week 1:
PS3: Position: #2 | Units Sold: 138,158
PS4: Position: #3 | Units Sold: 82,540
Total: 220,698

Week 2:
PS3: Position: #4 | Units Sold: 54,148
PS4: Position: #8 | Units Sold: 22,466
Total: 76,614

Combined Total: 297,312

For comparison, here’s Yakuza 5’s numbers:
Yakuza 5 Week 1 sales: Position: #1 | Units Sold: 356,757
Yakuza 5 Week 2 sales: Position: #4 | Units Sold: 82,941
Combined Total: 439,698

Remember that these do not include digital purchases so it’s possible that the Ishin numbers could be off but I wouldn’t expect it to be by much.

Ishin didn’t hit the number one spot which was taken by Knack (including PS4 hardware bundles) (309,304) in its first week and the new Harvest Moon (130,782) this week. Interestingly even the combined sales of the PS3 and PS4 versions weren’t enough to hit number 1.

Still for a smaller game like Ishin nearly 300,000 in sales in 2 weeks during the release of new hardware is pretty darn good!