Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin PS3 Demo dated for Feb 13,2014!

Fire up your Japanese PSN account, the Ishin demo will only be available for a limited time so make sure you download it as soon as you can!

Speaking at the PlayStation 4 launch! [Ryu ga Gotoku! Ishin] Premium talk show in Ginza. Ryu Ga Gotoku Series Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama-san and director Hiroyuki Sakamoto-san announced the PS3 demo of Ishin will be available Feb 13 (JST)! 

The Ishin Vita app should be available the same day. No mention was made if the Vita app and demo can interact with each other, but likely not.

Unfortunately there’s been no word on a PS4 demo version but I’d say it’s pretty likely once the system releases in Japan on the 22nd of February.