The Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin website updated with all of the new features that will be in the PS4 version of the game:

1080p HD Visuals:

The textures and animations as well as facial expressions have all been enhanced to take advantage of the new hardware.

60 Frames Per Second:

ishin will be locked at 60 FPS on the PS4 while the PS3 version will only get the standard 30 FPS. (Editors note: we all know how the framerate likes to jump around in these games though)

Touchpad Integration:

The touch pad can now be used to navigate the map screen allowing you to scroll or zoom in and out. The light sensor on the top of the controller will also change when you attack or take damage!

Share Functionality:

This is the most interesting new feature that’s only possible on the PS4. After beating the game you’ll gain access to streaming and screenshot uploading while streaming viewer comments will be displayed on screen in real time. The more comments you get the more likely that a special effect will occur. From regaining health and heat or getting up from knockdowns faster.

Faster Loading Times:

The PS4 version will have the edge on loading times over the PS3 version. Even with the enhanced visuals the loading time will be significantly reduced.

Install Play:

As soon as you insert the PS4 disk it will begin installing Ishin. The best part is that you can begin playing before the install is complete! Removing the 20 minute install time that usually comes with a Yakuza game.

Remote Play:

Lastly, Ishin will include remote play to the Vita so if someone else wants to use the TV you’ll be able to play completely using the hand held.