Ryu Ga Gotoku Zero to be set in 1988 star young Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima!

As always happens; the latest issue of Famitsu leaked a few details about the new Yakuza title:

  • RGG Zero is set in 1988 and features a darker more Yakuza run Kamurocho and the fictional Osaka district of Soutenburi.
  • Starring 20 year old Kazuma Kiryu during the time he was a debt collector for the Tojo Clan.
  • Also starring Goro Majima as a 24 year old when he was building the most popular cabaret club in Soutenburi.
  • Many characters will have their origins explained and appear in this game
  • Events of the story will lead right up to Yakuza 1!

Definitely has me excited! Hopefully we’ll see more at the official reveal on the 28th!

(Header pic from Like a Dragon Prologue)