TojoHQ is going to interview Darryl Kurylo, Kazuma Kiryu’s VA on the Western version of Yakuza(PS2). Do you have any questions regarding the voice acting of Kazuma? It’s your chance to ask!
We will select up to 10 questions to ask Mr. Kurylo. Keep in mind that the questions should be commented on this post, or sent as a message to our social profiles, and should be related to his voice acting work.
We will accept entries until July 10th. Even if your question is selected by us, we cannot guarantee that Mr. Kurylo will be able to answer it.

On a side note, we are also trying to contact other Yakuza voice actors. Currently, we are also trying to talk to Haruka’s VA, Debi Derryberry, she didn’t answer so far, though.

Great opportunity for Yakuza fans to learn what it was like voicing Kazuma Kiryu! 

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