Sega staff have said a couple of times that Yakuza 5 is a Japan only title (for now) with no current localization plans. If there is an obvious market for the series in the west they will bring it over.

Aaron Webber, Associate Brand Manager at Sega of America, says:

“Right now the best thing that can be done is to help spread the word on the series – tell your friends or others you think might enjoy them, and have them grab a copy of Y4 or Dead Souls.”

So that’s what we hope to do with the Facebook campaign. Get the word out and show Sega we want this game! Buy yourself Yakuza Dead Souls it’s actually a fun game and while not canon at all it is a great side story in to “what if” that has all the tropes and awesome story line of a Yakuza game and it’s only $20 NEW!

Yakuza 4, on the other hand, is no longer in print so prices on that one are about to go up. If you can find a copy buy it.