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“What was your first experience with the Yakuza series? Were you instantly hooked or did you need some warm up time? Answers may be featured in future posts.”

We had quite a few responses, but here are some of the ones that stuck out to us. Like you, the Yakuza series holds as very special, emotional place in our lives. Thanks to everyone who shared their responses and be sure to “like us on Facebook” so you can participate in some of our discussions over there.

Karl F

I remember seeing it in an old PlayStation magazine when it was only in Japan! Jumped on the chance to buy Yakuza 1 the first day it was released and since then I’ve been hooked

Walthari H

Found Y1 lonely on a shelf. Fell in love with the intricacy of the story and vividness of the characters. Living in Japan now, having seen some of the spots and influences, has made me enjoy the series all the more.

John P T

I did not know the series existed until a friend referred it to me. At first, I thought the story was cheesy with Kiryu taking the fall for his best friend and having a time leap at the very start. Then Haruka was introduced and her relationship with Kiryu just connected with me. The rest as they say is history.

Julio G

A magazine ad previewed Yakuza 1 as Shenmue-like, always wanted to play it since but life problems caused me to lose everything and start over from the bottom. Finally played Yakuza 3 as my first title after about 6 years of traumatic loss (mother passed away, sold all previous possessions, wound up homeless for a while with with my father, struggled to achieve the current house I have now), it was SO satisfying and the series practically stuck to my gaming blood ever since.

David M

I never got to play Shenmue on the DC, played a lot of CVS and Jet Set Radio, so didn’t feel like I missed out too much, but wanted to explore environments like that with martial arts (Virtua Fighter RPG and all that) so when I saw Yakuza I just knew I had to play it, and was not disappointed. In fact it ruined Shenmue for me by the time I had got round to playing it ‘cause it was so slow paced, especially after having swum in the sea of neon that is Kamurocho. Now every new game is like returning home, I can almost taste the air when I see the Kamurocho arch, and run straight to the Club Sega to play some games before everything. It’s enough so I find it weird seeing Haruka as an idol, it feels like watching my own daughter dancing on stage. I’m actually pretty thankful I missed Shenmue, because as a result the Yakuza games were everything I’d hoped for and more right off the bat.


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