• Kazuma Kiryu
  • Haruka Sawamura
  • Taiga Saejima
  • Shun Akiyama
  • Tatsuo Shinada

The story will directly connect directly after Yakuza 4.

4 of the main characters Yakuza fans will be familiar with. Tatsuo Shinada however is a newcomer to the series. A former baseball player that was banned for gambling (possibly fixing games) but may be innocent! He’s got a mountain of debt and wants to clear his name.

Kiryu is living in Fukuoka, where he’s become a taxi driver (presumably to watch over Haruka)

Saejima is serving a 3 year prison sentence.

Akiyama has come to Osaka on business.

Haruka has come to Osaka to persue her dream of becoming an idol she lives on her own but the idol company she’s with may have sinister plans for her!

In famitsu an interview with the team confirms that this game has had double the development time of past Yakuza games and has the greatest scale ever seen in the series with adventure and battle switching seemlesly.

According to the interview the controls for the game have been greatly improved over previous entries in the series!

Yakuza 5 is currently at 77% development and planned for release in Japan in December!

Magazine scans coming as soon as I can find them!