Yakuza Fan reader Nabeel Ahmad was at the Sega NYCC panel and directly asked Masayoshi Kikuchi (Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku Executive Producer) about the possibility of Yakuza 5 coming west.

From our facebook page:

Nabeel Ahmad: I asked Sega about Yakuza 5 during the sega panel at NYCC.

Yakuza Fan: Great! What was the response?

Nabeel Ahmad: They said there looking into it and seeing fans response to it.

He also mentioned that apart from his question the topic of Yakuza never even came up. If Sega really is listening hopefully we’ll hear something soon as a lot of us are getting anxious!

The two photos above are also courtesy of Nabeel. Looks like he got decent seats! Thanks for letting Sega know we want Yakuza 5!