Great news Hokuto No Ken fans SEGA’s awesome Fist of the north Star: Lost Paradise is now up for digital pre-order on the North American PSN!

Those that pre-order will even receive a few bonus items:

Destiny Talisman Pack: A set of six Destiny Talismans featuring the Five Chariot Guardians of Nanto: Juza, Fudo, Shuren, Huey, and Rihaku, as well as Raoh’s loyal horse, Kokuoh. When equipped, each of these talismans hold various useful abilities that will aid Kenshiro’s dangerous journey!

Theme + Avatar Set: Show your love for the series with this stylish Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise theme and character avatars!



We also get to see the physical edition bonuses and box art! Anyone picking up the physical edition will get 2 free Fist of the North Star “deathcry decals”.  Slap them on pretty much anything to feel like a badass.