Note: Turn Youtube Closed Captions On For Subtitles!

Maddie Fritjof from IGBT reached out to us with this amazing english translated interview with Takaya Kuroda (voice of Kazuma Kiryu) and Daisuke Sato (Yakuza Series Producer). Watch the entire thing above or check out the heavily edited 15 minute version here.

I have to say it’s one of the best interviews I’ve seen, it’s light hearted but still gives each person a chance to talk genuinely about what they think of the series. From Kuroda’s band to his dream of becoming the strongest man in the world it’s nice to see a more candid response than you would typically get from most interviews. I was excited to hear Kuroda-san announce that Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin! should be released world wide!

So grab a whiskey (or 2) and settle in because every fan should spend the next hour hanging out with 2 of the coolest guys in the business.