Here’s another one of those “Why does nobody talk about this?!” features of Yakuza 0.

Weapon crafting returns in Yakuza 0 but this time around it’s a weird metagame. Instead of grinding for parts through battle 0 has you sending out agents across the world to gather parts and blueprints. The more cash you pay the better quality stuff they’ll bring back!

Not just that you’ll get an amazing (and fully localized) scrap book that lets you know exactly what they went through to get you your items!

Choose a place to search..

Select an agent and pay the fee

Wait it out..

Collect your crafting materials!

Pay someone else to grind for you

It’s just another one of those quirky subsystems that make Yakuza 0 great!

Instead of needing to grind yourself you can just pay someone to do it for you. It might seem a little backwards but once you’re rolling in money you’ll have no problem setting your agents loose on the world and seeing what they come back with.

Of course if you want the best gear in the game you’re gonna need to earn it from the CP store or start working on those substories!