Welcome to our new feature where every day we’re going to show off something cool about Yakuza 0 that shouldn’t be overlooked. The game is out January 24th 2017 and the buzz is getting around but there’s just so much to do in the game that you might not even know where to start. So until launch we’ll be updating you guys on some of the wild stuff you can expect to see in Yakuza 0.

Don’t worry we won’t be spoiling any part of the story (outside of what’s already been shown publicly)

Let’s start at the beginning with the story…

December 1988 – Japan
Kamurocho Tokyo

The entertainment district of Kamurocho in the heart of Tokyo is the perfect playground for the rich playboys of the 1988 Japanese bubble economy. You can find anything in Kamurocho from arcades and karaoke bars, to girls and underground gambling dens. If you’ve got the cash to burn this city can be yours.

The town pulls in everyone; Immigrants, salary men, drunks, yakuza, con artists, and gangs. Even the homeless with nowhere else to go the neon lights of Kamurocho draw them in like moths to a flame.

The Empty Lot

Located in the very center of town lays a small patch of land known to the locals as “The Vacant Lot”. Despite the maze of stores surrounding it this one tiny spot has the attention of several powerful groups. From Yakuza to Property Investors everyone is willing to kill to get their hands on the deed. Whoever can score the plot first can name his price in the upcoming Kamurocho Development Project. A massive plan to clean up Kamurocho and build the The Millennium Tower.

In Yakuza 0 we get a look into Kamurochos history. At a dirtier city filled with thugs, drunks, and yakuza all trying to make it rich or die trying. With the Millennium Tower not yet built we get to experience the maze of stores and backstreets where one wrong move could get you stabbed, mugged, or both.

Kazuma Kiryu – The Awakening Dragon

The Dragon of the Dojima family Kazuma Kiryu is 20 years old and out to make a name for himself with the Yakuza. One night after helping a loan shark collect on a debt he’s quickly pulled into a conspiracy when the person he roughed up turns up dead the next morning.

Kiryu quickly learns the consequences of his actions; murder paints a target on the entire Dojima family and to make matters worse the person he supposedly killed was found on the one place everyone is trying to buy up. With the heat on him from all sides Kiryu will need to fight to clear his name and regain his honor. But just how far does this conspiracy go?

Goro Majima – The Caged Dog

An exiled Yakuza and the new manager of the Cabaret Grand, located in the red light district of Sotenbori Osaka, Majima is the talk of the town. Pulling the failing club back from the edge of bankruptcy and oozing an air of confidence and danger he’s been dubbed the Lord of the Night by his guests.

As the clubs manager Majima can get anything he wants. Everything that is except a way back into the Tojo Clan and the Yakuza way of life. Under surveillance 24/7 Sotenburi is a prison he can’t escape and he’ll do anything to change that. A chance to earn his way back in presents itself but to take it would mean walking down a path he can never come back from.