We’ve had hundreds of entries so it may take a couple of days to choose and contact winners. All entrants will receive the digital content, which includes official wallpapers and a PS3 theme!

9 winners will be chosen at random and then placement will be chosen at random from those 9. 

Big thanks to all of our partners SegaBitsRadioSegaSega-AddictsSega Driven, and Sega! When I came up with this idea for a multi-site key scavenger hunt I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. These guys jumped at the opportunity to help and were awesome

To all of the Yakuza Fans that entered. I just want to again give a big thank you for making this site a success and giving me a great year! The reason this blog exists is to reach a community that is often overlooked. Mission Accomplished. Now, in the coming year our plan is to get the word out about this series and draw even more people into our little slice of Tokyo.