Check your PS4 for Yakuza 0 updates, today marks the release of the next 2 free DLC packs!

Kiryu can grab the Pocket Circuit Starter Pack which includes an outfit and some awesome gear for customizing his slot cars. Majima will get a ton of crafting items to help him build the sickest weapons around.

As usual talk to Bob Utsunomiya near either CP Shrine around each city to claim your rewards. Don’t forget the costumes can only be worn once you’re in Premium Adventure mode.

Pocket Circuit Starter Pack

  • Judgment Outfit
  • Extra Balanced Motor
  • Extra Slim Tired
  • Boost Gears
  • Speed Frame Plus
  • Side Stabilizer
  • Stun Gun
  • Photon Blade Prototype
  • Sacrifice Stone

Crafting Support Pack

  • 24-hour Prince Outfit
  • 100 pieces of iron
  • 100 pieces of timber
  • 50 pieces of Quality Iron
  • 5 scraps of bloodied cloth
  • 3 Demon Face Stones
  • Super Spicy Knife
  • Antique Gun
  • Sacrifice Stone