Back Story:

2010. The feud between the two yakuza clans, the Tojo Clan and the Ueno Seiwa Clan came to a close with the unexpected revelation of a conspiracy by the police force.

Afterwards, under the orders of the 6th chairman of the Tojo Clan, Daigo Dojima, a major reconfiguration of the yakuza organization was executed and a truce was made with the Omi Alliance.


December, 2012. The 7th chairman of the Omi Alliance is on his deathbed.

The death of the 7th chairman.

It would mean the end of peace between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance and an all-out war between the East and West clans.

In order to prepare for the potential upheaval of the Japanese crime underworld, the Tojo Clan is forced to do the forbidden in order to strengthen their organization.

Hokkaido, Nagoya, Fukuoka…

Reaching out to the old clans based in the larger cities, they seek to do what has never been done before and join forces to create a new organization to rival the Omi Alliance.

A risky new alliance that would breach the old barriers of Clan territories.

But in order to avoid a potential war between the East and West, Daigo Dojima swallows his pride and heads to Fukuoka…

But already the wheels had been set in motion.

A plan that would envelop all the Clans in Japan in a massive war. The curtain now slowly rises.

Starting with the death of one man…

As the mountain that is the Tojo Clan begins to move, one by one, the “sleeping players” begin to awaken.

Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

For what they believe in, and for the ‘dream’ of one girl, those who had parted ways to walk their own paths are once again thrust into the whirlwind of conflict.

One, to give up a ‘dream.’

One, to realize a ‘dream.’

And another to regain a ‘dream…’

When the ‘dreams’ of 4 men and 1 girl cross paths, the truth that spans 5 cities is revealed…

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