Leaking out of Famitsu today is Yakuza 5’s “Another Drama” component which sees you trying to complete the dreams of the various protagonists.

These seem to be substories for each character that see them doing different things:

Haruka: Will be aiming to be the top idol in Osaka where you can go to classes and perform in lessons by playing a rhythm game where Haruka dances when you hit buttons in time with a beat.

Shinada: This one will involve baseball and facing off against an old rival.

Saejima: Will be trying to survive in a snow covered mountain.

Kiryu: His will be a taxi battle where you will take full control of driving a taxi and transporting passengers to their destination (reminds me of Crazy Taxi!)

Akiyama: No word yet.

More details should be available when the next issue of Famitsu goes out later this week.