Katsuya Naoki

Head of “Osaka Talent Agency”.

He is a businessman who runs Osaka Talent Agency, Kansai’s leading production company.

He is recognised far and wide because of his newsworthy promotions, honest personality and lack of any of the dirtiness that is typical of people within the talent agency business. However, among a small portion of news sources, there are whispers of a connection between him and the Omi Alliance and he is becoming a a powerful person, ruling the Kansai entertainment industry with money and violence.

He is Katsuya – a man who knows everything about the world of the entertainment industry inside and out. To him, even the power of the yakuza is nothing more than a means to get his hands on things he desires. 

It is December 2012. In the finals of a TV show deciding Kansai’s number one idol, called “Princess League”, while his idol unit, “T-SET”, are engaged in tough competition with Sawamura Haruka, a disastrous incident suddenly occurs.

In the midst of this incident that is shaking up the Kansai entertainment industry, his great ambition which he has kept hidden behind those cool eyes of his starts to become realised…

This guy sounds a bit two-faced to me! His public face is some kind of honest businessman, but behind the scenes he uses underhanded tactics!
Captain Epic