Captain Epic, from KHH Fansubs, has done us all a great service and translated most of (if not all) of the pages of the battle systems of Yakuza 5! 

The next few posts will tell you everything you need to know about Yakuza 5’s redone battle system! Strap in.

The concept of “Anyone can do it, it’s simple, it’s cool!”, which is a feature of battles in the Ryu ga Gotoku series, is still present, but the fundamentals of the system have had a complete reform! Not just the attack and movement animations of the existing characters, but also the AI and the battle staging have been completely redesigned from scratch. The protagonists’ engage in dynamic and realistic battles with plenty of emphasis on each character’s idiosyncrasies.

The strategic and exhilarating new battle system has content which can be enjoyed by everyone who plays this game – both those who have played previous games in the series and those who are playing a Ryu ga Gotoku game for the first time.

In addition, this game introduces a new “Ultimate Technique” system – an exciting evolution to the battle system. “Ultimate Technique” is a powerful attack, unique to each character, which can be unleashed in battle when specific conditions are met. It overwhelms enemies and is easy to use, making “Ultimate Technique” a powerful weapon for the protagonists’ in these new battles.

– Captain Epic