Jump on the Playstation store right now and download the english Yakuza 6 demo! It’s coming in at about 38 gigs so make sure you’ve got the space and if it’s anything like the Japanese demo be warned if you’re buying digitally you will need to redownload the entire game closer to launch.

That being said the demo will give you access to the first couple hours from the game and you can mess around in the newly restructured Kamurocho in the amazing Dragon Engine!

Download the Demo Here

Not only that SEGA want you to take this chance to post some #KiryuSelfie’s on twitter! Press up on the d-pad then press triangle to bring up Kiryu’s Xperia™ XZ (yes it’s a tie in because of course it is) and snap a photo! Make sure you use the #KiryuSelfie hashtag when you post them!