Welcome, Yakuza Fans, to a guest post by the winner of our 2016 Yakuza Fan Cup Championship @Forte_Cannon

As per the rules laid out in our Daytona tourney the winner will get to post whatever they want to the homepage (as long as it’s in good taste) well luckily our winner has a sense of humor and wanted to share a short fanfic about a new type of Ryu Ga Gotoku game. Maybe I should rethink these rewards for next time… either way congrats and we’ll see you in our next tournament!

The (unfinished) plot summary for “Ryu Ga Gotoku New Chapter: Fushizen Na Girls” starring Perfume

June, 202X

Part 1: Wanna Be The Strongest?
Tokyo, Japan

Our first protagonist, Asuka Itami (played by Ayano “Nocchi” Ōmoto), is an independent pro-wrestler struggling to push her career to the next level. She has gained enough fans in Japan (as well as a few overseas) to get respect in the business, but doesn’t know how to push herself to the top spot. Can she maintain her reputation by staying in Japan? Could she perform in the States in front of a larger audience? Is she capable enough to carry this out as a career?

As she contemplates on her options, she stumbles upon some Yakuza that are conspiring with another pro wrestling talent to change the outcome of her match so the betting odds would be in their favor. It just so happens that this wrestler happens to be Asuka’s next opponent, in a match where Asuka is booked to win. In light of this, Asuka treats the match as an actual fight, rather than a show to entertain the crowd. Asuka then confronts the goons, and soon get raveled up in the shady crime syndicate world.

To be continued…(probably)