Welcome to the Yakuza Fan Podcast where we ramble about our love of Ryu Ga Gotoku and SEGA with your hosts Deacon and Kal.

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Remember this is our pilot episode going forward we’re going to record every Tuesday or Wednesday night. Those looking for an audio only version we’ll get a feed up asap! The Podcast goes live Tuesday night for members on Patreon and Friday afternoon for everyone else!

In this episode we go over:
– Beat Takeshi in Yakuza 6
– Sega Remaking the Yakuza series for PS4
– Yakuza 6’s story
– The current state of SEGA and how they could market better.
– Your questions from across Patreon, Twitter, and Facebook!
– Lots of rambling about Yakuza and how much we love it!

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