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Yakuza Fan Podcast – Episode 9: New Xperiances

Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 9 for October 18 2016

In this week’s episode we cover the news, tell some stories, speculate, and laugh at Deacon’s ability to get into the worst situations.

In this episode we go over:
– 10 things we thought were cool in the yakuza 6 demo
– Patreon backer question submissions now open!
– Onomichi Jingaicho and Baseball
– Last famitsu wednesday Jingaicho playspot speculation
– Choosing the right version of Yakuza 6
– Forging the Dragon Part 3
– Chasing the Dragon
– Something for halloween
– Deacon’s crazy story searching for the Xperia XZ

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Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 7: The Shenmue

We’re doing this way too late again but we still have the energy to talk about Shenmue vs Yakuza, the ESRB, and Yakuza 0’s marketing plan. Things actually stay on track this week!

In this episode we go over:
– Yakuza 0 ESRB Ratings Live
– The Student Has Become the Master: Why Yakuza Is Better Than Shenmue By John Robertson
– Retailer exclusive preorder bonuses
– Next famitsu update will be..

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Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 6: Giving You The Business

Deacon and Kal are back at the start of a very slow news week. We fall apart halfway through and it becomes the ramblings of mad men... enjoy! What we talk about in this episode: - Yakuza 0 The Business Edition - No word on...

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Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 5: The Girthiest Episode

We're still recovering from TGS so it's a little shorter today. In this episode we go over: - Podcast now on iTunes - Extended trailers - Shark attack - Naked fights - Kiryu rapping - Yakuza 5 25% off on PSN - Takaya Kuroda &...

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Yakuza Fan Podcast – TGS 2016 WRAP UP HYPE SPECIAL

Holy crap we survived TGS 2016! In this episode we go over: Running on no sleep for the past 4 days. All the new footage released at TGS 2016 while freaking out. New battle systems and free roaming in Kamurocho Photos of g-g-g-ghosts Free...

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Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 4 – The pre TGS 2016 Hype!

Please be excited. Remember if you want the podcast Tuesday night right after recording support us on Patreon! In this episode we go over: - TGS Expectations/Predictions - TGS RGG live stream at 1:30 PM...

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Yakuza Fan Podcast Episode 3

Yakuza Fan Podcast is back with Episode 3! It’s late and we’re both tired but we manage to pull it together for the fans as our voices slowly die and we fall into tangent hell. In this episode we go over: - Yakuza 6’s new...

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