We’re back with our new shirts for February 2017! We’ve been inspired by Yakuza 0 and need everyone else to feel it to! So this month we’ve got 2 designs because honestly both seemed like a good idea!

We’ve got our Dragon Of Dojima shirt right from the mean streets of Kamurocho in 1988 you can show everyone at a glance that you’re not to be messed with.

Our second shirt is a little more reference heavy. For anyone that’s become obsessed with collecting phone club cards (like we all have let’s be honest) our May The Card Be With You shirt is a nice subtle way to show your Yakuza love. We’ve got 3 girls each with their own subtle in game references.

As usual our Teepublic store has them on sale for the first 3 days so if you want to grab them cheap do it now!

Thanks as always for your support!

Become the Dragon of Dojima and make sure everyone that stands in your way knows who they’re up against.
Collect them all to see a special video.. or just buy this Yakuza 0 inspired shirt!