The marketing team decided to have a little fun with the launch edition of Yakuza Kiwami! Everything needs to be Kiwami style it’s better that way!

On top of that Scott Strichart and Sam Mullen the patriarchs of the Yakuza series localization family are holding a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)! The AMA will be conducted at /r/PS4 and will begin at 12:00 PM PDT on Sept. 8. Scott and Sam are ready to talk about their experience with localizing Yakuza Kiwami and probably have a couple entertaining stories about what goes on behind-the-scenes of localization.

If you’re wondering if they’ll answer questions about the upcoming RGG Studio announcement stream I’d say save your question this one is specific about the localization process of Kiwami! So make sure you get those questions ready!