Another update has now launched for Yakuza: Like a Dragon bringing with it a variety of bug fixes and a free item pack; Upstart Assistance Pack 5 included for free!
Scroll down to see the list of items you’ll get along with the funeral suit for Ichiban to wear anytime!

As usual we didn’t get any patch notes for the PS4 version but we did get some patch notes for the Steam version:

Steam Patch Notes

Hello Yakuza players! We are back again with a small update and a gift.

Update 1.06 addresses an issue where the master volume would change to 100 in SEGA AGES games.
We are also including an Upstart Assistance Pack as a gift!

If you are still experiencing a crash, we ask that you try deleting your graphics.ini file and rebooting, this should resolve this issue.

Your Yakuza: Like a Dragon graphics.ini file is located here:


Upstart assistance pack 5 includes:

    • Funeral Suit Costume for Kasuga
    • Sacrifice Stone
    • Quality Lumber
    • Thick Cloth
    • Sturdy iron
    • High-purity Lead
    • Toughness ZZ
    • Tauriner ++

So go download the update right now on your platform of choice!