Yakuza: Like a Dragon patch 1.07 is now live on PC, with PS4 and Xbox one likely following shortly. If we’re following the DLC release schedule for the Japanese version this is likely the last free DLC pack we’ll be getting.

According to the steam patch notes it addresses a specific bug and adds an Upstart Assistance Pack:

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue where the master volume setting was not reflected in SEGA AGES titles.

Upstart Assistance Pack 7 Includes the Following:

  • Chinese Pub Hostess Costume (for Saeko only)
  • Brawler God’s Mouthguard
  • Tempered glass × 5
  • Gleaming aluminum × 5
  • High-end Leather x 5
  • Staminan Spark x 1
  • Toughness Infinity x 3
  • Tauriner Maximum x 3

Thanks to @Me4tJeko on twitter for confirming the DLC was added.