With the announcement of the release date for Xbox Series X, November 10, 2020, Yakuza: Like a Dragon should be available at the console launch 3 days ahead of of all other current gen consoles. The Series X version is promising enhancements exclusive to the console with higher frame rates and resolution.

While this could be disappointing to fans on other consoles remember this isn’t the first time Yakuza has gone multiplatform and it’s only a few days difference. It is currently unknown when the Playstation 5 version will launch but right now it seems like a timed exclusive for Xbox SX. If you really need your Yakuza fix and are already planning to grab an Xbox this is great news! No word on if or when this will come to Game Pass but as all other Xbox titles have I’d say it’s a safe bet we’ll see it some time after launch.

You can read more about Xbox Series X enhancements over here.