Earlier this year Yakuza: Like a Dragon caused some controversy when it released its final DLC in Japan with the Premium Masters Pack. The Masters Pack DLC cost 980 Yen (about $10 USD) and included the following:

  • Premium New Game (Normal, Hard, and Ex-Hard difficulty options available at NG+)
  • Super Final Millennium Tower (most difficult dungeon)
  • Newly added PlayStation Network trophies
  • Level-up your job rank to level 99
  • Use weapons forging to upgrade your weapons to “Kiwami” rank
  • Rare item shop added

This was the only way you could load in to New Game Plus with harder difficulty options. I can now confirm that this DLC is included with the western version of the game for free at launch! To access the harder difficulty options you’ll need to beat the game at least once to access NG+ and items will be awarded after you beat the game. The costumes included with the DLC are available right from the start and can be added to your characters right from the Jobs menu in game.

After speaking with Localization Producer Scott Strichart he confirmed that the Trophy List for the western version was also altered for launch to account for the integration. As the new trophy list is now integrated getting the Platinum trophy is now part of the base game list not an expanded DLC trophy list. So we’ll need to work harder to get that Platinum!