Yakuza Zero site updated with story, locations, young Kiryu and Majima!

With the official reveal of Yakuza Zero we get to see what Kiryu and Majima look like in their 20’s and the graphical boost they’re getting thanks to the PS4!

The locations shown are Kamurocho and Soutenburi. The extra level of detail on the next gen console is truly outstanding.

The story will revolve around young Kazuma Kiryu when he was a debt collector for the Tojo and young Majima as he attempts to run a cabaret club in Soutenburi. Kamurocho redevelopment is just getting underway with proposals to make the area more friendly instead of controlled by gangs and building the millenium tower.

Tons more info to come at TGS and if you want to know more the guys over on the Yakuza Forums are translating everything!