Presenting a custom Yakuza theme for PS3 systems! The wallpapers have been custom arranged for best viewing on PS3 and there’s even an SD version included for anyone still running old TVs! Listen closely as you navigate the menu you may have a nostalgia trip.

How to download and install theme:

Downloading with PC

  1. Click here to download the theme in a Zip file.
  2. Save it to your hard drive.
  3. Unzip the file and extract folders inside to the root of your memory stick. – When the folder is on your memory stick it should have folders like this: PS3/THEME/YakuzaFan.p3t
  4. Put your stick in to your ps3.
  5. Go to “Settings”, then “Theme Settings” then “Themes
  6. Click install at the top of the options.
  7. Click the USB device.
  8. Install your theme then activate it from the list.

Downloading with PS3 Browser

  1. Load this page in your PS3s browser
  2. Press Triangle on this link and click File/Save Target download the theme.
  3. The PS3 will ask you to save it.
  4. Save and it will automatically install the theme.
  5. Go to “Settings”, then “Theme Settings” then “Themes
  6. The theme should appear on your list. Activate it.

This is my first ever theme so please be nice! Let me know what you think in the comments or hit me up on twitter!

Note: My favourite part is the most subtle on the “Power Off” icon.