Couldn’t hurt!

They do mention that they read requests like that:

If you’d like to send us a message sharing your opinion about a game we’ve released, feel free to open a ticket and submit it.  We can’t always respond to these kinds of messages directly, but we do read them and gather the feedback for our development staff.  Additionally, you can go to the SEGA Forums and discuss your opinion of our games under the appropriate threads. Those threads are also monitored so we can take our customers’ feedback into consideration.

– Feedback and Opinion About a Game

Failing that, you could contact their PR guys:

or if you want to practice your Japanese you can try contacting Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio:

or Yakuza series producer Yokoyama Masa:

or hit up Nagoshi on his blog: 

Sega’s staff email usually goes so if you know the name of someone you’d like to get a hold of that should work.

If you want to contact Sony’s import localisation team try sending a tweet to