Yakuza 6 Artbook Winner Announced!

Yakuza 6 Artbook Winner Announced!

Last Friday during Scott & Sam’s Yakuza 0 live stream they announced the official winner of the Yakuza 6 fanart vote. Congratulations Shu your artwork will appear in every copy of Yakuza 6 the Essence of Art Edition and the After Hours Premium edition!...

The Future of Sega – Teaser Video

Remember a few days ago when we posted the video of SEGA’s Nagoshi introducing the new SEGA slogan “Amazing SEGA”? Well good news now you can watch the video subbed thanks to IGN!

Still love the concept and really reminds me of the weird innovative edgy SEGA I loved from the mid 90’s. Give us more Nagoshi-san!

Yakuza 6 Troubles with Localization GDC 2017

Here’s one of the things I’d never considered when it comes to localization. With tensions between these countries so high and SEGA trying to break into the Chinese market I can see why they may have such a problem with this.

Jung-Sheng Lin posits that by simply using the line the “country” of Taiwan in the hostesses question Taiwanese gamers praised SEGA for being progressive or siding with Taiwanese people that would like independence from Chinese rule. Of course as soon as Chinese celebs started hearing about this and the news started spreading SEGA needed to patch the game and remove the dialogue completely so as not to stir controversy.

Something that should have been a nothing issue needed new dialogue to be recorded and an entire patch rolled out even though the game hadn’t officially released in either country yet!

Watch the entire GDC talk after the jump!