Rule the streets of Japan

Welcome back for your weekly dose of Yakuza 6 directly from the pages of famitsu. This week we’re learning all about the Clan Creator. Recruit powerful allies and take on your friends through online multiplayer to create the #1 clan in all of Japan!

Take on the powerful members of Justis lead by the “Six Madmen” based on members of New Japan Pro Wrestling and absorb them into your clan to grow stronger or download exclusive clan members to power yourself up.

Get to know how the clan creator works and take on the Yakuza Fan Clan in December!

Fundamentals of Clan Creator: First, head to your hideout!

Clan Creator can be played after you progress through the story and experience a certain event. Once it becomes playable, you are able to use Kamurocho’s M Side Cafe, next to the Millennium Tower, and Onomichi Jingaicho’s hilltop La Pente as hideouts. In order to play Clan Creator, you must go to one of the hideouts and choose a mission to play. The crucial set-up of your organisation can only be changed at your hideout, also. You may only check your current status from the smartphone menu. Below is a compilation of the options that can be performed at your hideout. Each element will be explained in greater detail later on.

Things you can do at the Clan Creator hideouts

Mission: If you select a mission and head out, you will engage in a clan battle. Missions include both main missions, which progress the Clan Creator story, and submissions that you can play over and over.

Edit: Here, you can select characters you’ve befriended to be members of the clan, and edit the set-up of the Kiryu Clan. As you progress through the story your organisation will level up, increasing the member limit and allowing you to assign more bosses.

Upgrade abilities: Upgrade the abilities of your bosses. Upgrading their abilities will of course increase your fighting power in clan battles, strengthening the organisation overall.

Network: Here, you can take on clan battles against other players’ organisations that have been uploaded online. You can also edit your own organisation to upload, and take part in network play-only missions!

Scout comrades around town and expand the Kiryu Clan!

In order to make the Kiryu Clan stronger, you will need to scout powerful people from around town and appoint them to as executives (lieutenants, etc.) of the Kiryu Clan. Of course, you can’t simple scout these men who are confident in their abilities – there are many who won’t join you unless you can defeat them in a scout battle. There are also characters you can recruit by clearing some substories. This includes familiar characters from the Ryu ga Gotoku series, such as the ones shown here!

TIPS: comrades obtained through DLC are super strong!

Characters who have appeared in the Ryu ga Gotoku series in the past can also take part in Clan Creator. They naturally are fairly strong, but there’s one interesting thing about them! That is the letters “DLC” as seen in the image on the right. Does this mean that there are other ways to obtain comrades besides scouting and substories…!?

Add comrades to your organisation and rise up in power!

Gathering together as many strong characters and making them part of your organisation as possible is directly tied to the influence and strength of the Kiryu Clan. In some situations, it will be important to remove weaker bosses from your organisation to make room for new, stronger ones. In order to make the Kiryu Clan stronger, the player will sometimes have to make cool-headed decisions like this one. By clearing certain missions, the organisation will level up and you will be able to add more members to it, making the organisation even bigger. In order to expand the organisation you must focus on acquiring and training new friends!

Excellent henchmen and effective skills can hugely shift the power of the Kiryu Clan!?

Simply assigning strong bosses to the organisation won’t make the Kiryu Clan that much more powerful. What’s really crucial is to assign each boss excellent henchmen. If you give each boss an underling, that underling’s abilities will cause their boss’s abilities to rank up. This means that as long as you’re within your member limit for each family level, you should continue adding people to the organisation. During clan battles, the skills of the bosses who control the elite troops that you send out as strong attack units can have a huge impact on the outcome! Think of all of these elements combined as you set up the Kiryu Clan!

Clan battles, where your directions to your comrades hold the key to winning the war!

When a clan battle begins, the field screen is displayed. The attack gauge (refer to photo on the right) fills as time passes, and you can expend it to send comrades out into the field and defeat the enemies who appear continuously. At the start of the game, focus on sending out members who don’t expend much of the gauge and break through the enemy formation. When it looks like you’re able to make an attack, deploy a strong boss who uses up a lot of the gauge and wipe out the enemies!

Stalwarts of New Japan Pro Wrestling appear – what end awaits your battles with the Six Madmen…?

A major goal of Clan Creator is defeating Justis, a rival organisation that opposes the Kiryu Clan. Six wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling appear as the executives of Justis. They are known as the “Six Madmen”, and they effectively control Justis’ movements. If you can defeat them, the Kiryu Clan will absorb their power. Clan battles against them occur as the Clan Creator story progresses, and first you must try to win these. If you can, you will move to a direct face-off between Kiryu and the Six Madmen. If you can win this, too, you will finally be able to take them down once and for all.

You can take part in clan battles online, too! Which player will create the ultimate organisation!?

In Clan Creator, it is also possible to face online opponents. You can perform “raids” on the organisations that have been set up by other players, or upload your own defensive formations.

There are also clan battles that are unique to the network, such as “friend battles” that can only be performed against certain friends and “ranked battles” against players who achieve high scores, so make sure to enjoy it to the fullest!