Our New Shirts for September 2017!

Our New Shirts for September 2017!

We’re running a bit late this month but that’s just because we were too wrapped up in our excitement for Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Hokuto Ga Gotoku! Seriously didn’t see those announcements coming! To celebrate we’ve got a Kiwami and Fist of the...

Midoro Majima Statue Preorders Now Open

If you’re in the mood for a quality Majima statue Midoro has you covered. Up for a very limited amount of time you can now pre-order this statue over at amiami, synapse official store, and Amazon Japan. The highly detailed statue will begin shipping January...

The Tattoos of Yakuza by Johan Öberg

Take a closer look at the meaning of each tattoo from the Yakuza games with this awesome video by Johan Öberg. Directly from the Ryu Ga Gotoku 10th anniversary book he gives you the rundown on the the significance of the tattoo to each character along with some insight into the creative process of Horitomo the man that’s been working with the team since the first game.

Awesome job on this one always love seeing more behind the scenes stuff with the Yakuza series!