Previously on Yakuza… [Yakuza 6 Trailer]

Need to catch up on the Yakuza series before Yakuza 6 launches? SEGA just released the above trailer to get you caught up on what family means in the Yakuza world. Over on the Official Playstation Blog localization Producer Scott Strichart goes over what it was like...

Nagoshi interview with Gamespot reveals inspirations and Yakuza finding its niche in the west.

Wrapping up E3 Yakuza creator Nagoshi went to talk to Gamespot to give his thoughts on the future of Yakuza, Yakuza 6, his inspirations, the contrasting humor the series is famous for, and how it feels to finally have the series find an audience in the west.

There’s some really interesting stories especially when it comes to how they’re proceeding with a new protagonist in Yakuza 7.